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<h1>Biography of Ian Simpkins</h1>

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<H2>Personal Information</H2>

<P>I was born in Atlanta, Geargia. Shortly after my younger sister was born we moved to Charlotte, NC when I was only 3. I spent the better part of my “Childhood” there before moving to Texas when I was 9. I spent 12 years in Dallas, including 2 at Southern Methodist University, before joining my family in Omaha who had moved here 2 years before I did. I have now been here for nearly 5 years and am happily married, own a house and work full time at First Data, though I just accepted a new job at First National last week.</P>


<P>I went to Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas. When I graduated I went to Southern Methodist University on a full-ride for Music Performance and to play soccer. After having to quit soccer as the two commitments could not be done in tandem, I decided to leave the school to pursue something I was more passionate about. I transferred to UNO as a Chemistry major so that I could play soccer. As it turns out I didn’t major in chemistry or play soccer. But I will be graduating in May with a degree in Math and Economics and have already been working for a few year. I still play music and soccer in my spare time.</P>


<P>Your major or what you think your major might be.</P>


<h2>All my travels</h2>

<P>I have traveled all around the states, mostly for soccer. I have toured Europe - specifically Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic - with an Orchestra. My brother and I played a show in Canada a few years ago. My wife and I went to Ireland two summers ago. We travel quite a bit now as she is a professional photographer and has shoots all around the country. We are currently planning a trip to NYC (in February) and to Europe as a delayed honeymoon.</P>


<h2>Why I'm taking this class</h2>

<p>I love traveling about as much as anything, and I am fascinated by other cultures and people. I love learning about other places and traditions and experiencing it first hand is an incredible opportunity. Hoping to gain a little bit more know-how about traveling so I can apply it to all of the trips I am fortunate enough to take.</p>


<h2>Assigned videos</h2>

<p>Which of the assigned video have you watched so far? What website/resource are you using to watch them?</p>



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